Essential TED Talks for Coaches

Ted Talks for Coaches

Coaching is not as easy as it appears to be. Each season is different from the last, and each player is different from another. No matter which sport you coach, these 4 essential TED Talks will help you get your head in the game, or so to speak. Motivate yourself to become motivating. Watch these 4 TED Talks below and gain some insight from the world’s experts on coaching.

Building Your Inner Coach by Brett Ledbetter

Brett Ledbetter presents a philosophy on how to become a better coach by interviewing a group of championship coaches all over the country. His insights help coaches build their own discipline to make better coaching decisions.

The Difference Between Winning and Succeeding by John Wooden

John Wooden explains that coaching is not just about winning and shares the wisdom he’s acquired both teaching and coaching at UCLA. In this talk, he is encouraging the listener to become the best they can be by sharing some of the wisdom he’s passed on to some of his students and players through the years.

Sports Psychology – inside the mind of Champion Athletes by Martin Hagger

In this Ted Talk, Martin Hagger explains the effect of sports psychology on the outcome of sporting events. He argues that sometimes statistically favored teams and athletes are beaten by those with less impressive sports stats. While stats are a great indicator of performance, they do not capture the whole picture because they leave out the psychology of the situation.

Leading and Coaching by Mark Smith

Mark Smith is an award-winning coach who provides insights into his experiences playing, coaching and working. His insights guide coaches to find the motivations that drive them to coach in order to make a difference in the world.

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